ST Opinion Piece – Michael Vick and the NFL

Michael Vick

It’s not often that I use this blog to write an opinion piece. In fact, this is the first time. But something has been bothering me. As most of you have probably heard, Michael Vick is being released from prison today, and being taken home where he will spend the last 2 months of his sentence under house arrest. This has brought the topic of his crimes back into the limelight, and as such it has also brought the bleeding hearts back out full force, demanding that he be punished further for his crimes, some even calling to have him executed, etc. etc., and, the one that bothers me the most, that he be barred from playing in the NFL. My question to these people is, what is the purpose and point of our justice system? The justice systems hands down a punishment that effectively counteracts (or ‘fits’) the crime. Once someone has served their sentence, as handed to them, they have been punished for what they have done and should be treated like it. I understand if the judge says that he can never own a dog. That has a direct correlation to the crime he committed. But his crimes had absolutely nothing to do with his professional career, so leave that out of it. I understand that the chances of any NFL team picking up Michael Vick after this are miniscule, but don’t make it impossible by law.

That’s my 2 cents.

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    • Gary Davis
    • 05/24. 2009 5:22am

    Your 2 cents are counterfeit. Convicted Felons lose many rights. Owning a gun, the right to vote, etc… Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. There are more important reasons why Michael Vick should not play in the NFL ever again. Here is my 2 cents: No Michael Vick in the NFL! He is a Convicted Felon! His cruel treatment and murder of helpless animals is the true testament of his character. The NFL and their sponsors cannot allow him to represent their organizations. Michael Vick cannot be allowed to be, or appear to be, a role model for children and other aspiring athletes. His punishment was far too light for his crimes and he forfeited the privilege of playing in the NFL.

  1. The reason why convicted felons lose certain rights are mostly directly tied to the crime they commit. Dog fighting and the NFL are entirely unrelated, and the consequence does not fit the crime. If we’re gonna start talking role models we should start removing the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears too…

  2. Lindsay Lohan is such a rad chick!

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