Connection Lost – Still At It

My friend Sean Cardinal and I have been working together trying to pump out some electronic music for a little while now. The whole project suddenly jumped leaps and bounds forward when we got our grubby paws on Apple Logic, which is, in my opinion, the best DAW out there. After a lot of painstaking work, here is our first piece under the name ‘Connection Lost’. Please feel free to comment. And criticize. Seriously. Criticize.

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    • Ben
    • 07/03. 2009 3:26pm

    Dude, that’s pimpin! Sounds like it should be the intro track to the next In Search Of Sunrise

    • Drew
    • 07/03. 2009 5:31pm

    Yeah, sounds like RPG background music. I think it would sound sick if you could get your hands on some female vocals that matched it. Not necessarily lyrics, but kinda like that track we listened to on the way home a few weeks ago. Don’t remember who it was by – the Mortal Kombat one. Similar to that.

    It’s pretty solid Paul – my ear enjoy something a little more “acidic”, so I’m trying to not to let my tastes be the judge here – but yeah, a solid first effort. Much better than mine ever were.

  1. @ben I’m sending it into Club Life every week until it gets played

    @Drew Can @Phonetic sing? That track was ‘Halcyon and On and On’ by ‘Orbital’.

    The point of our first album is going to be to hit a different genre of electronica with every track. I’ll toss you an acid track.

  2. Very groovy. I’d like to get the high quality audio so I can add it to my library. Maybe it could get play tested at work over the store speakers.

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