Complete guide to getting the TomTom iPhone app working for free

Step 1 : Have an iPhone. Make sure you have OS 3.0

Step 2: Jailbreak iPhone  – Follow exact instructions here:

Step 3: Enter Cydia on the iPhone, go to manage, go to sources, click edit (top right), click add (top left) and type : (see screenshot) . Ignore Cydia’s silly warnings

Step 4: click search (bottom right), type in ‘installous’. The only result you should get is ‘Installous'(see screenshot). Click this and press ‘install’ (top right)

Step 5: click search again, type in ‘appsync’. The only result you should get is ‘AppSync'(see screenshot). Click this and press install

Step 6: Exit Cydia, and click the new installous icon. Click settings (bottom right). Change ‘Install Method’ to dirty. Toggle ‘iTunes Sync’ to On

Step 7: Download the tomtom app here: . If you don’t know how to use bittorrent (if you’re lost on what to do with the file) you’re in way over your head. But you made it this far so click here:

Step 8: Drag the app you just downloaded into iTunes

Step 9: Plug your iphone into your computer, it should now sync the app. this can take up to 40 minutes

Step 10: Unplug iPhone and run the tomtom app!


I smell a lawsuit
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  1. the torrent link dosent work….

  2. Torrent link fixed

    • israel
    • 09/09. 2009 5:00am

    dragged the link no allowed into itunes

    • mike
    • 09/09. 2009 9:23am

    .rar files will not open. what am i getting from the .rar files that gets tomtom to run?

    • mike
    • 09/09. 2009 9:25am

    most .rar files are damaged open trying to open them =/

    • mike
    • 09/09. 2009 11:08am

    nevermind i got it working! thanks doode!! >_<

    • Dan
    • 09/10. 2009 3:00pm

    Where do i drag the ipa to in itunes?

    • Horace
    • 09/13. 2009 6:56pm

    Has anybody encountered an issue with dragging the app into iTunes? I have upgraded to iTunes 9, perhaps a bad idea.

    • Brian
    • 09/14. 2009 4:15pm

    Won’t let me extract.. says Probably Full…tried on three hard drives…anybody else have this error?

    • Dave
    • 10/22. 2009 10:36am

    did this on my jailbroken touch 2g. doesn’t have gps function but maps, routes and directions work great.

    • Dave
    • 10/22. 2009 10:40am
    • Didier
    • 10/24. 2009 10:21am

    You must extract the RAR file into a new folder on your PC. Open your iTune application on your PC, then you just double click on the .IPA file. This will load the TomTom app into iTune. After that synch your iPhone et voilà !

    • miguel
    • 10/31. 2009 11:55pm

    i jailbroke my phone but somehow i cannot insatll tom tom and i know it works because i already installed it on my other phone but this one keeps giving me and error almost at the end. is it because i have not install the program installous yet. help please

    • flopsy
    • 11/02. 2009 5:33am

    just followed instructions and worked great, to jailbraek i used blackra1n

    for europe maps

    • Julio
    • 11/02. 2009 10:37pm

    jailbroken my iphone, im running 3.0 downloaded all the file in full and saved all the parts in a folder. i dont know what to do now. all the files are in RAR format and wont open or anything please help. i have all the part from 1 to 13

    • Desi
    • 11/07. 2009 10:23am

    I have 3gs and jailbroken.All went well but application is not installing on iphone. Giving some kind of error.

    • Desi
    • 11/07. 2009 10:25am

    This was the error: “The application “US-Canada” was not installed on the IPhone because an unknown error occured (0xE8008001)

    • Dara
    • 11/13. 2009 11:58pm

    Yes same thing happened to me. I installed tomtom on the iphone 3G 3.1.2 using the “AppSync” to transfer the application onto the iphone. It worked perfectly, but now when I try to do the same thing on my iPod Touch 2G 3.1.2 I get this error message “The application “US-Canada” was not installed on the IPhone because an unknown error occured (0xE8008001)” I even downloaded the “AppSync” onto the ipod touch. I dont know what I am doing wrong please help!

    • Cathay
    • 11/15. 2009 4:48pm

    Hello everyone. please help to fix the error: “The application “US-Canada” was not installed on the IPhone because an unknown error occured (0xE8008001). and this comes after 40 min while installing the application. Please help.

    • Mr Tom
    • 11/19. 2009 1:29pm

    Excellent Very Simple and Works Perfectly. Thank you for your help

    • Master Nothing
    • 11/22. 2009 7:02pm

    I have install all as directed and installed with ease but when i open tomtom it just closes again ?? have tried othe rmaps they do the same

    iphone 3gs 3.1.2 used blackra1 to unlock

    • rick
    • 11/27. 2009 1:35pm

    does this actually work? anyone tested it?

    • Eric
    • 11/28. 2009 7:33am

    It works perfectly I’ve been using the Tom Tom for 2 days now no problems… The application takes up a Lot of room on the iPhone for the maps… Thanks for the post everybody! =-)

    • Jonas
    • 11/30. 2009 1:49pm

    Thanks alot 😀

    • tiltking
    • 12/02. 2009 1:15pm

    i followed all steps and now at last step i plug in my iphone it syncs but does not install app And i do see it in itunes for some reason
    Help plz

    • tiltking
    • 12/02. 2009 1:57pm

    wtf im stumped helppppppppp

    • Nate
    • 12/02. 2009 9:39pm

    It’s telling me that it cannot install because there is not enough space but it’s telling me that I have 2.33 gigs left which is more than enough. Any suggestios???

    • notorious
    • 12/05. 2009 12:42am

    any1 no the australia tom tom torrent link?

    • Quidam
    • 12/05. 2009 10:34am

    If you’re getting the ‘not enough space’ problem, that’s because it takes DOUBLE the space to install — you need about 2.5GB to just install it… you should get that extra space back after the install…

    I’m installing now and it’s taking FOREVER — 40 minutes is longer than you think…

    • marco
    • 12/05. 2009 4:20pm

    que pedo no puedo

    • anon
    • 12/07. 2009 2:19pm

    so how big is the final file i extracted 1 part and its like 1.3 million bytes is that normal? could it be that i extracted all of them t once?

    • YOOOO
    • 12/10. 2009 7:23am

    Can we download all the files via Appulous and install them with installous without having to use a PC/appsync

    • Mary
    • 12/14. 2009 1:54pm

    Please help! I installed Tom Tom in my 3g iPhone, it automatically closed once it open. My phone 3.1.2, jailbreak with blackra1n. Thank you

    • DrGee
    • 12/14. 2009 5:14pm

    —- For everyone who have this error message —-

    “The application “US-Canada” was not installed on the IPhone because an unknown error occured (0xE8008001).

    Follow this steps:


    * You will firstly have to Jailbreak your iphone, which installs Cydia.
    Google DEV TEAM to find the official torrents

    * Then to install cracked apps you will need to:

    * Go into Cydia on Iphone/Ipod touch

    * Go to manage, then sources

    * Add:

    * Next search for “AppSync” (Mipatch will not work with 3.0) and install onto iphone

    * Reboot / restart iphone

    * Install a free app from AppStore / itunes Store

    * Next add the app to itunes or double click IPA file — I have a lot of problems to install (TomTom U.S. & Canada v1.1 – iPhone (Cracked IPA)

    * Sync your iphone to itunes and App will be add to your iPhone


    Now it’s work perfect!!! Lot of thx to IphoneTeam

    • Alexi
    • 12/16. 2009 12:59pm

    It works, the magic is in this AppSync. Firmware 3.1 users will need the appropriate version

    • so-so
    • 12/17. 2009 5:27am

    after installed appsync , my ihpone is frozen and then turns black with the silver apple, to now it doesnt work even i tried so many ways to have it back on ( havent installed tom tom yet)

    • carshop
    • 12/17. 2009 8:22am

    Can someone post new links for rapidshare.

    • carshop
    • 12/17. 2009 8:44am

    Worked perfectly.
    Installed Canada/USA map.

    • Mav
    • 12/24. 2009 1:30am

    Grate….. Works perfectly
    Thanks a lot

  3. Superb guide – downloaded and installed in no time at all and works perfect – Iphone 3gs 3.1.2 .. Thanks for the quick guide 🙂

    • AR
    • 12/24. 2009 3:05pm

    Do you have to extract each file (parts 1-13 which were downloaded as a .rar) of the torrent and then add all those ipa’s to itunes? then sync.

    • AR
    • 12/24. 2009 4:00pm

    In iTunes, when I click on my iPhone, go to applications, and then want to sync; it seems that iTunes wants to delete all the other un-registered apps i have. Anyone else having this problem? I do not want to have to delete the 15 other apps i have…

    • AR
    • 12/24. 2009 5:21pm

    Tomtom is up and running!!! Yay! All the hassle was well worth the $50 savings.
    My problem was that I did not have the iTunes I was using ‘authorized’ on the computer. So I had to click the Store tab – Authorize computer. Then I synced the iPhone to the computer, all my apps were deleted and put into iTunes. Next I just made sure the tomtom app was also listed and re-synced my phone. Then magic! Free tomtom! (to do all this I selected my device in iTunes, then clicked the applications tab, and then ‘apply’ with the sync applications box checked)
    Nice work. Check out youtube videos as well if you are having problems.

  4. THANKS!! it works!

    • AR
    • 12/29. 2009 10:21pm

    I highly suggest following the same steps buy the the new version tomtom 1.2. It has text to speech capability.
    I dl the torrent from some dude named canoli.
    google tomtom v1.2 canoli u shud be able to find it. so much better!

    • nizam
    • 01/04. 2010 9:57pm

    it works for me..

    • JNA
    • 01/06. 2010 2:05am

    go to start – music – itunes – mobile installations. If the folder is not there then just make one and put your .ipa in that folder. then right click on the .ipa and open with itunes. That will put the .ipa into itunes. then connect the iphone and sync app.

    • JNA
    • 01/06. 2010 2:06am

    sorry correction … the folder should be named “mobile applications”

    • TC88
    • 01/11. 2010 1:40am

    Very nice… I just wish I had of got my iphone before my tomtom

    • wesley
    • 01/11. 2010 6:15am

    Hey iedereen,

    enkele dagen geleden heb ik via rapidshare tomtom western and central europe gedownload.
    nu echter zit ik met het volgende probleem: er zit geen .ipa file in…
    ik weet hoe ik software moet instaleren met een ipa bestand maar hoe moet dit zonder?
    of bestaat er een methode/programma waarmee ik een ipa bestand kan maken? dit had ik al eens getest met de files in te paken en .rar te veranderen in .ipa omdat iemand dit op een forum had geschreven, dit werkte niet.

    iemand een idee?
    als je hierover iets weet zou je mss ook een mailtje kunnen sturen aub, op

    alvast bedankt allemaal 🙂

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