Cutting the cord: How I set up my TV replacement system

So you want to cut the cord, but you want to stay caught up on TV shows as they come out, not a season after they’ve aired on Netflix. So you venture into the far reaches of the internet, browsing piratebay and newsgroups looking for your fix. You finally have something downloaded that doesn’t require you to fill out a survey on erectile dysfunction drugs to open and doesn’t look like it was shot in a vietnamese living room or sound like it’s underwater. You take your prize, put it on a USB stick and find that your media player of choice doesn’t have the whatchamacallit to play the file. Sound familiar?

Serenity Now!!

Picture this: TV shows that aired today are downloaded and waiting for you on your TV before you even get home. You don’t have to touch the computer and your TV knows which episodes you’ve watched and which ones you haven’t. If you’re as nerdy as I am, this is some form of nirvana. And it’s easier to achieve than you’d think.

What you need:

Physical devices:
– A Windows computer that you don’t mind leaving running all day (I’m sure the process is similar on a Mac, but I’m sharing what I have)
– A big hard drive – You’re gonna be downloading a lot of stuff
– A device that will run Plex


Plex Media Server
Strawberry Perl <This was for a different program, not necessary here



The nitty gritty:

I promise not to make this too hard to follow… Or at least do my best. Honestly, it’s really quite easy though. Feel free to ask any questions below.

1) Install the 4 programs mentioned below on your ‘server’ computer
2) go to ShowRSS and make a new account. Once you’re all signed up, go to the yourshowstab and add all the shows you want to keep on top of
3) Go to the feeds tab and select your personal feed. I use ‘Quality:Per-Show settings’ and ‘SKIP proper/repack’ but you can change it to whatever you like. This shouldn’t have much effect on the overall outcome. Then click ‘generate’


Uh… I only download ‘The Mindy Project’ for my wife… I swear…

4) This brings up a new page. Select ‘Your Custom Feed’ and copy it. It should look like this:
5) Go to the hard drive you plan to have your media on, and make three folders in a place of your choice. They should be ‘In Transit’, ‘Unsorted’ and ‘TV Shows’. The name of the first two isn’t important, but the name of the third is.
6) In uTorrent, right-click ‘feeds’ on the left hand side and hit ‘Add RSS feed’
7) Paste the feed that you just copied from ShowRSS into the ‘Feed URL’ field
8) Give it a custom alias if you want (optional) and make sure ‘Automatically download all items published in feed’ is selected. Then click OK

If it doesn't look something like this, phone a friend.

If it doesn’t look something like this, phone a friend.

9) Now go to Options>Preferences in uTorrent and go to the ‘Directories’ tab
10) Set ‘Put new downloads in’ to your ‘In Transit’ folder
11) Set  ‘Move completed downloads’ to your ‘Unsorted’ folder. It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that there is no slash after the folder name. For example, if your folder is located at “C:\Unsorted” make sure you put that there, as opposed to “C:\Unsorted\”. If you don’t do this, your best friend will die and the love of your life will kiss another boy/girl.

12) Make sure ‘Only move from the default download directory’ is checked
14) Skip step 13, it’s bad luck
15) Make sure filebot is installed.
16) copy this :”filebot -script fn:amc –output “E:/” –log-file amc.log –action copy –conflict override -non-strict –def music=y “ut_label=%L” “ut_state=%S” “ut_title=%N” “ut_kind=%K” “ut_file=%F” “ut_dir=%D”
17) Go to Options>Preferences again in uTorrent
18) Go the advanced tab. This should expand to reveal 3 more, pick ‘Run Program’.
19) Paste the code from step 16 into this field. If your ‘TV Shows’ folder is in ‘C:\Media\TV Shows’, change the “E:/” portion to “C:/Media”. Notice that it’s not “C:/Media/TV Shows”. You need to specify the folder ‘TV Shows’ is in, not the folder itself. Yes, you need to do the slash backwards. No, I don’t know why. Probably just to make it harder for you.

So now your TV shows are downloading automatically and filebot is organizing them nicely into their own folders by season. Awesome.

Better make sure that Filebot isn’t just hiding the files under the bed

That’s great, but you’re not just gonna lug your computer around the house, so what now?

20) Install Plex Media Server (Link at the top).
21) Once it’s running, there’ll be a little plex logo hiding in your system tray. Double-click it.
22) Hit the plexings icon at the top right
23) Select TV Shows and point it to your ‘TV Shows’ folder, then hit ‘Add to Library’
24) Watch giddily as your library fills up with well-organized media

To get all this stuff to your TV, just install the plex app on your plex-compatible device and let it find your server on your network! Done and done!

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    • Herc
    • 10/22. 2014 8:05am

    2 questions:
    – are the magnet links/torrents coming from public trackers?
    – any idea if this will work on anything other than uTorrent? Not sure if I can install that on my seedbox.


    • JimmyF
    • 10/22. 2014 9:37am

    Why do you recommend installing Strawberry Perl? I don’t see it being used in your instructions.

    • DarkCyde
    • 10/22. 2014 10:34am

    What’s up with Strawberry Perl? how is it being used?

  1. Hey, you’re right! I got confused. I needed it for another renaming programme but shouldn’t be necessary for this one. I’ll take it out.

  2. 1 – Check out ShowRss. Not sure where they’re sourced from
    2 – Yep, check the filebot website. Works with tons of clients across platforms.

    • Sean
    • 10/22. 2014 5:06pm

    I am a total newb in this realm. What do you recommend for a plex compatible device? I have a chromecast, a panasonic smart tv, and a PS3. Thanks. Awesome write up!

    • OStabby
    • 10/22. 2014 5:17pm

    Quick question about the backslashes my final folder is C:\Users\User\Videos\TV Shows … so should I put it in as C:/Users/User/Videos (Step 16)

  3. OStabby – Yep, that’s right!

    • Jakeass
    • 10/23. 2014 11:50am

    I am having an unknown issue if with filebot portion of this, it just doesn’t seem to be running. I don’t see the amc.log file anywhere either to check. Here is the script I am using:

    filebot -script fn:amc –output “C:/Users/Public/Videos” –log-file amc.log –action copy –conflict override -non-strict –def music=y “ut_label=%L” “ut_state=%S” “ut_title=%N” “ut_kind=%K” “ut_file=%F” “ut_dir=%D

    Any idea where I went wrong?

  4. Try restarting after installing Filebot, that can resolve some PATH issues

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  6. Thanks for the information!!!!!

    so good!!

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  8. My cord cutting setup is comprised of Kodi, transmission, couch potato and sickrage. You should try it out, it’s awesome! There are even docker images that have VPN support in transmission. I haven’t gotten around to using usenet yet, but all of my stuff runs on Raspberry pi.

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