Carrots in a Blender at 600FPS

Last week I picked up the Casio EX-F1, a prosumer digital camera that also happens to shoot video at a max of 1200FPS. This is a first for easily-available cameras (I picked mine up at London Drugs), and definitely a first for it’s pricerange (it’ll set you back $999.90). I returned the camera, but before I did I shot a LOT of good video. You’ll be seeing more over the next few weeks. First video after the jump.

The first clip I want to show you is carrots in a blender at 600FPS, which I shot The resolution is atrocious (but still double the quality of 1200FPS). Set to 19 Ghosts III by NIN:

Here is something else shot on the same camera. Mostly shot at 300FPS, this piece really showcases what a little slow motion can do for every day events. I shot something like this for saskatoon, not nearly as good, but I’ll toss it up here once it’s edited.

Set to Numb by U2:

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