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How to fix your Master Boot Record

Courtesy of the apple2pc hackintosh blog

Last week I left my computer overnight, and when I came back all I saw was a blinking _ cursor on my screen. I rebooted and inserted the windows 7 recovery disk, but no amount of re-imaging, system restoring or startup repairing solved my problem. I did a bit of looking and a bit of asking, and apparently the problem was an issue with my Master Boot Record. Turns out this was easily rectified. Just follow these steps:


1> Boot into your windows 7 recovery disk. If you don’t have one you can find torrents here (x86/32 bit windows edition) and here (x64/64 bit edition)

2> Enter your region, language, whatever else and press ‘Repair this computer’

3> Select your windows installation and press ‘Next>’

4> click Command Prompt

5> type in ‘bootrec.exe /fixmbr

6> reboot computer and take out recovery disk

7> voila! you should be booted into windows!


Feel free to ask questions


How to trick your printer’s sensors into letting you print b/w when you’re out of color ink

Cannot Print. The printer does not have enough ink to maintain print quality.

I bought some movie tickets online the other day and had about 10 minutes to print my tickets before I had to run out the door. I hit print and looked expectantly at my printer, but as usual it was blinking at me saying that one of my color cartridges was empty. I rummaged through my ‘stuff’ drawer and noticed that I was clean out of ink, so I switched adobe reader to print in greyscale and hit print again. My black cartridge was full and brand new, but the printer said this:

Are you kidding me? Not enough ink to maintain image quality? on a black and white document? Obviously my lovely printer manufacturer (I have a Brother MFC-495CW) is trying to make more money on ink cartridge sales. Tough luck. So I pulled out one of the color cartridges and took a peek. This is what I saw:


The ink cartridge has a little window on it that shows you how much ink is left inside. After a bit of searching the web, I found out that the printer shines a light through the ink window to see how much ink is left. So I proceeded to see if I could fool the printer into seeing ink in the cartridge. I first tried to sharpie the window but that didnt seem to help.

Next, I grabbed a roll of electrical tape and stuck some on a few strategic spots as you can see below


Success! All three cartridges are now showing as full!


Some of you may be wondering if you lose print quality if you dont select greyscale mode at this point. Dont worry, I’ll show you what happens with a little help from Teddy Roosevelt:


It seems like a lack of color cartridges has little negative effect. Success!


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