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How to fix your Master Boot Record

Courtesy of the apple2pc hackintosh blog

Last week I left my computer overnight, and when I came back all I saw was a blinking _ cursor on my screen. I rebooted and inserted the windows 7 recovery disk, but no amount of re-imaging, system restoring or startup repairing solved my problem. I did a bit of looking and a bit of asking, and apparently the problem was an issue with my Master Boot Record. Turns out this was easily rectified. Just follow these steps:


1> Boot into your windows 7 recovery disk. If you don’t have one you can find torrents here (x86/32 bit windows edition) and here (x64/64 bit edition)

2> Enter your region, language, whatever else and press ‘Repair this computer’

3> Select your windows installation and press ‘Next>’

4> click Command Prompt

5> type in ‘bootrec.exe /fixmbr

6> reboot computer and take out recovery disk

7> voila! you should be booted into windows!


Feel free to ask questions


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